Clipping: Time Out, Expofoto [sub] urbanos

Time Out – 10 Jan 2012, Critics’ Choice

The defining pictures of Rio de Janeiro almost always depict the familiar picturesque scenery of Zona Sul, from the Sugarloaf mountain to the beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana. With this is mind, photographer Daniela Dacorso decided to show the other Rio, the surburbia beyond the  Rebouças Tunnel where the vast majority of the city’s residents live but most of its tourists never see. This sprawling urban landscape might be less picturesque at first glance, but it offers its own striking imagery which is no less iconic, and no less truly carioca, in fact possibly more so. Look for the urban solutions created by residents themselves, from the adverts painted on walls to improvised passageways serving as openings onto the railway line, in neighbourhoods from traditional, surburban Madureira out to the Baixada Fluminense.


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